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Preventative Medicine

The Peak Team believes wellness care is an essential path to health for all of our patients. Our veterinarians offer a comprehensive approach to pet care which includes nutritional advice, vaccination, dental health, parasite control and disease prevention with emphasis on identifying illnesses early. At Peak we consider each pet as an individual and work with you to personalize a wellness plan for the entirety of your pets life.


Our pets deserve the best, which is why Peak Veterinary Hospital advocates for owners to consider pet insurance. Veterinary medicine continues to advance making cutting-edge therapies and treatments available to our pets, but these treatments and therapies also come with a cost. Any pet owner can feel strained when paying for medical or surgical fees out of pocket. Pet insurance helps owners provide their pet with the best care, without the worries of cost. Our client service representatives can assist you.

Life Stage Care

The Peak team recognizes that each life stage presents different needs to ensure pets remain happy and healthy. Our veterinarians will work with you to develop a unique care plan from kitten and puppy care through to senior years and every stage in between.

Vaccines & Deworming

Vaccines are a critical part of wellness and preventative medicine. Vaccines help protect your pet from specific illnesses, which are common to their species. All dogs and cats require vaccinations throughout their life, with puppyhood and kittenhood being an essential period to begin them. As adults, your pets will still need vaccinations every 1 to 3 years to ensure they are adequately protected from life threatening diseases.

Deworming is also another important preventative care measure to improve your pet’s health. Our veterinarians recommend monthly deworming to ensure your pet is parasite free and to prevent transmission of parasites to human family members.


The veterinarians at Peak provide many surgical services at our hospital, including spay/neuter procedures as well as advanced procedures. Our veterinarians and veterinary nurses take every necessary precaution to ensure that your pet receives a safe anesthetic. We use the latest technology to monitor your pet’s heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Additionally your pet has a dedicated licenced veterinary nurse ensuring your pet is safe and comfortable during the entire procedure.

Grooming (Available on Thursdays – Call in advance to book)

Peak is also home to an onsite grooming facility. However, we are not currently offering grooming services as we are in search of a groomer. Feel free to contact us if you know of anyone with grooming experience looking for employment.


Radiographs, or X-rays, are one of the most common and useful diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine. They are utilized to examine your pet’s skeleton, lungs, heart, abdomen, teeth and more. Radiographs are also crucial for diagnosing and monitoring many medical and surgical conditions. Peak Veterinary Hospital has invested in a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine that will provide our veterinarians with high quality diagnostic images. 


Dental disease is frequently seen in dogs and cats. Bacteria and food debris accumulate around the teeth resulting in the decay of soft tissue and bone surrounding the teeth. This decay is irreversible and can result in loose teeth, pain and eventual tooth loss. Dental disease can also affect other organs in the body as bacteria in the mouth enters the bloodstream leading to ongoing, low grade infections that lead to damage to vital organs such as kidneys, liver, lungs, and heart. The team at Peak believes that every pet deserves a healthy pain free mouth. Our separate dental suite is equipped with digital dental X-rays, ultrasonic scalers and polishers and all the equipment needed to address every stage of periodontal disease. The veterinarians and veterinary nurses take the same care and attention for dental anesthesia as they would with any other surgical procedure.

Diagnostic Lab

Peak’s in-house laboratory plays an essential role in our comprehensive approach to preventive medicine, preanaesthetic and urgent care cases. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest blood analyzers which provide accurate and timely results on the health of our patients. 


For your convenience, Peak has an in-house pharmacy, enabling you to pick up your pet’s medications at the time of your visit. While no hospital carries every medication, we keep many common medications in stock. 

Therapeutic Laser

Peak Veterinary Hospital is delighted to offer therapeutic laser. Laser therapy has been proven to decrease inflammation, decrease pain, and accelerate healing. It reduces pain and inflammation associated with a variety of conditions such as infections, sprains, arthritis, fractures, dental and surgical procedures and more. 


A member of our Peak Team can provide guidance on the nutritional needs of each life stage of your pet, including dietary requirements for growth, weight management, disease prevention and control, as well as overall performance.

Urgent Care

Certain situations can arise in which your pet’s health is at risk. Peak Veterinary Hospital is here for you to handle those urgent situations. Our team is trained to handle these emergencies that may occur during our business hours and if intensive or specialist care is required for your pet, our veterinarians and staff are able to stabilize them and refer you to a critical care specialist or 24-hour emergency hospital, such as S.A.V.E. or the C.A.R.E Centre.

End of Life Care

Peak Veterinary Hospital recognises the importance of goodbyes. The team is here to support and guide you through this transition. Palliative care can be discussed as an important part of the transition for you and your pet. Peak is able to provide a private room that is separate from the exam rooms so the family can be together when humane euthanasia is needed.


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